Saturday, May 14, 2016

Missing You Dave

I still have no idea where you disappeared to but I was listening to the cheese files and Roxette and both made me think of you. I hope where ever you are you are happy.

Missing You Dave

I still have no idea where you disappeared to but I was listening to the cheese files and Roxette and both made me think of you. I hope where ever you are you are happy.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Hitting the reset button once again....

HJ and I broke up months and ago.I miss him and the kids but I'm actually ok with it. I wasn't at first of course but now that the dust is settling I'm letting go and getting back to normal. I'm craving change at work. I want so badly to move to Edmonton again. There's just so much more for me there. I'd miss my family and be further from the Mini One. But that would never stop me from driving further to see her all of the time still. I find myself doing more with my friends now. I try to get out a few times a week. Like this week I went to Weird Al with BisH and Frisbee Golfing with Sarah Pickle and Dalt yesterday. Then bowling with Daphne and her man tonight.

One of the reasons I want to blog tonight is because I'm worried about someone really close to me. She found out that she has lumps and they aren't the good lady lump kinda lumps. I'm putting on a brave face for her and I know my blog freaks her out and she doesn't read it so I don't mind writing about this. I'm terrified and scared of losing someone who means the world to me in more ways than one. She's been my rock for years. And now I'm faced with the idea that I might lose the one person who keeps me continually grounded with her rockness. I don't think I'm going to tell anyone about this except for all you people who read this which I don't think anyone does any more. But at least then it's out of my head and into some form of reality.

Gotta make the most out of the little life we're given. I have to say that I've found a new strength and am moving forwards. PS. counselling really helps a lot. Don't ever be ashamed to ask for help. And no matter what I'll always be there for any of you.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

home sweet home

Finally back in my house. I missed it so much. I love it more than ever now. It feels good to have the boys here too. HJ and I have so many big plans for it. TILE TILE TILE sw00n. The boys love their big rooms and are happy to be so close to the skate park. Life is great. Just got our house warming prezzy from my mom two giant silver key coat hangers and a glitzy vase. I feel great I have a new car, new digs and amazing friends and family to celebrate this with. our dogs even love the new place with the super big back yard. I can't wait until we build the basement bedroom and then I can finally have a sewing room again.

Works been good home life is grand and we're looking forward to a trip to mexico this winter to watch my sister get married finally. I am itching to get back into sewing skirts. I love skirts and how girly they are which is far from what I am but I still love it.

I don't even know if anyone reads this anymore....I don't really care though I keep writing cuz it's for me.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Appreciation at its finest

Really appreciating life as it is in this moment.

I have supportive family, friends and Co workers. But most of all I have a super supportive man who has helped me grow as a person and been there for me through thick and thin. Thanks for being here through the thick right now. It hasn't been easy for you but just know I appreciate every gesture, every hug and every encouraging word along with the space I've needed to grieve. I love you hottie Josh with all my heart and guts. Xoxoxx

Thursday, May 22, 2014

i feel better after posting this

sometimes i get so mad that i miss you at all now but mostly i'm just sad that things happened the way they did, this song came on the radio when i was driving yesterday and everything came pouring back into my mind. i doubt you read this and i doubt you feel that way too at times but i do. not often but once every few months your memory spills over into recognition.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Calgary Comic Expo

took the mini one to the calgary comic expo for her 10th birthday. we all dressed up as rainbow dash....even hottiejosh. best day of the year so far...many more to come. LOVE these two so much. <3 p="">

Monday, April 7, 2014

From here to there

Lots of things are going on. HJ and I are getting geared up to take the mini one to the Calgary comic expo where her and I will have matching rainbow dash hoodies tails and tutus! We're also cleaning up the yard getting ready for spring and summer. Just got a new bbq and he's teaching me the finer points in bbqing. He's so good to me. We're also getting ready to take the boys out hiking this year and true camping with fishing. We have a couple trips planned and things are looking up. Sure gonna beat last years spring/summer of chaos with my arm happenings. We're all looking forward to this summer. It's going to be epic!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

changes are good

I have to say this mindfulness is pretty rad. I've been using it in a part of my everyday and it's been astonishing the out come of it all. I've also been practising silence which has made a huge change in my mood too.

on a completely different note or maybe not....skull candy ear buds actually sound better than my ipod ear buds. I honestly didn't think that it would make a huge difference but it really does. The sounds are cleaner and deeper.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Here goes everything for me.

Haven't had time to be on here in a long time. But I have to keep a journal of my happenings as of late so I figured I'd post them on here instead of keeping them to myself in a regular journal. (which is what i've been doing lately)

It's day two of my mindfulness experience. I'm being mindful of how the shampoo in my shower. Sounds stupid but it takes a lot to connect ones self to the plants that were growing then harvested and carefully separated to make my shampoo and how it flows out of the pump and nourishes my hair as I scrub it.

It's also day one of working out to 30 day shred. I hated it, I swore at the host the whole time and felt embarrassed even though it was only me down stairs working out. I'm so out of shape and over weight but blogging about it is hopefully going to keep me motivated to keep going with it and give me some where I can record my victories and successes and failures and weaknesses until I'm able to be strong enough to endure kickboxing for an hour. Here goes nothing.